Post Operative Instructions for Oral Surgery:


On the day of surgery:

  • Avoid hot drinks, alcohol, vigorous physical effort, playing with the wound, and rinsing your mouth.

  • Drink plenty of cold or warm fluid and eat soft food.

  • Avoid smoking as this delays healing. 

  • Take pain relief within an hour and a half before the local anaesthetic wears off to minimise discomfort, and continue with this as required.


Slight oozing of blood is normal. If significant bleeding occurs, place a gauze or cotton pad over the bleeding site and apply pressure by biting it for 20 minutes. This may need to be repeated if bleeding persists.​​

The day following surgery:

  • Brush teeth lightly to keep plaque away.

  • Rinse regularly with salty mouthwash, a cup of warm water with a level teaspoon of salt.

  • Continue with soft diet for 3-5 days, or until comfortable whilst eating.

It is normal to have some bleeding, swelling, discomfort and tightness of jaw muscles. However if symptoms become severe, contact us immediately.

  • Contact us at Moriarty Dental on 03 366 3697

  • Or contact the after hours emergency department on 03 364 0270, or on weekends 027 683 0679

    • The weekend after hours is available via the NZDA on call dentist and is shared on a weekly roster between Christchurch dentists who operate from their own practices. ​