Teenage patients are eligible for free dental coverage from the time they start high school until age 18 under the Adolescent Oral Health Scheme.


The scheme covers yearly checkup, and any filling work required to be completed.


Unfortunately the Adolescent Oral Health Scheme does not cover orthodontic work, however we regularly perform initial consultations for basic advice, and can arrange referrals to a wide range of local orthodontists for a more comprehensive treatment plan. We often work in with the orthodontists to provide extraction work in cases of overcrowding to create space for them to move teeth into alignment.


The Adolescent Oral Health scheme continues coverage until age 18 for non-school attendees or early school leavers.


The School Dental Therapist may ask you to select a dentist for treatment before they see you for your final check up prior to high school, or you can contact the surgery directly for us to set up an appointment. We will sign some enrolment paperwork at the initial checkup appointment  and then place you on a regular yearly recall system,


We try to make appointments outside of school hours for ease of access, and we welcome any parents who want to come along with any queries, or if they just prefer to read the up to date magazines in the waiting room.