Teeth whitening can be achieved in a variety of different ways:
The first and most important part of tooth whitening is the initial examination appointment to plan the most appropriate whitening method to use, and any limitations to success.

At ​MoriartyDental we offer in chair or take home bleaching tray treatments. 
  • Opalescence Go take home kits a great option for whitening, and are quick and easy to fit and use. The kit comes with  blister packs of 2 disposable green loading trays, with an internal tray preloaded with a bleaching gel.
    The kit is the most affordable entry point into whitening and can still give great results.
    The kits come in a 6% 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide in Mint flavour, and are available at 10% in a Melon flavour.
  • Custom Fit Opalescence PF kits involve taking an impression in the surgery to make up some models of your teeth to construct a custom fitted bleaching tray. A bleaching solution is provided in syringe form which is placed on the fitting surface of the bleaching tray at home on a daily basis. 
    These 35% carbamide peroxide preloaded syringes allow us to use a much higher concentration of bleaching solution to allow quicker result on more stubborn staining.

    The bleaching process usually takes approximately 5-10 days. We usually recommend topping up whitening for a few days every 6 months or so.
  • Opalescence Boost is our quickest whitening option with results achievable within the hour, without a light.
    A barrier is placed to protect the gums and then the liquid is applied directly to the teeth. The solution is agitated and replaced routinely to achieve dramatic results quickly.
It is all about tailoring the best treatment approach for yourself.
Some mild sensitivity may be experienced with teeth whitening, we recommend purchasing Tooth Mousse to accompany the whitening treatment. 
Reasons not to undertake whitening:
The most common reason to avoid bleaching is the presence of existing sensitivity of the teeth as this can be heightened by the whitening process. 
Any decayed teeth should be repaired prior to whitening or can become further compromised. 
Composite tooth coloured fillings in the front teeth do not change colour with the whitening solution so may require replacement before or after commencing whitening treatment.